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The Pipefitters Apprenticeship Program…

Try it on for size:

  • An education that will get you hired while in school
  • First year $50K compensation package
  • A “full ride” scholarship for a five-year program
  • 30 FREE college credits
  • 10 Certifications

Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Local 486 (Pipefitters) inspires excellence and pride in its highly skilled workers.

Who are these Pipefitters?

Pipefitters are the people behind the scenes — at hospitals, stadiums, concert halls, power plants and office buildings – who make those buildings tick.

Pipefitters install and repair complex configurations of heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, lay piping for water delivery, connect medical gases in hospitals and work with direct digital control systems. They are qualified welders, riggers and have mastered the use of sophisticated technology like computer-assisted welding machines. Their work touches everyone’s life. Public safety is in their hands.

Size it up:

By 2024, the number of pipefitter jobs in the U.S. is projected to be 474,100 –
that’s a 15 percent increase over current opportunities!

How do you become a Pipefitter?

Some people call it alternative education. Others say tech-ed.

We call it “HIRE education” — an education that gets you HIRED. The Pipefitters Apprenticeship program is a five-year program that includes on-the-job training and classroom learning. Candidates must complete an application, pass a mathematics test and participate in a personal interview.

How’s that for fit?

Blue Collar cool. Does pipefitting fit you?

Perfect Fit

If pipefitting’s for you, let’s get started!

Complete the Plumbers and Steamfitters application and show us how you’re Blue Collar cool!

Online Application

A Bit Overwhelming

Never fear, you’ll start with the basics and build your skills each year.

Candidates are mentored by experienced pipefitters.

Apprenticeship Program

Need Something Bigger

The possibilities in pipefitting are limited only by your imagination. Local Union 486 inspires excellence and pride in its highly skilled workers who can handle any size project.

Apprenticeship Candidates

A Look Between the Pipes at the Union Local 486

The Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 486 has over 2,000 members.

They are union-trained pipefitters, plumbers, welders and HVACR professionals. These skilled craftsmen and women install and service piping systems throughout Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia.

Where you’ll find them


The Community College of Baltimore County’s long partnership with Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 486 supports a strong opportunity to earn money, obtain college credit and a solid credential for a job
Sandra L. Kurtinitis, Ph.D., President, CCBC

Size it up:

The tri-state region of Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia is among the top five areas with the highest concentration of pipefitting jobs – nearly 14,000!

Blue Collar Cool. Does it fit YOU?

Get started with your new career!